Shenzhen Chengtong Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Chengtong Energy Saving) is a technology enterprise specializing in the R&D, design, manufacture, sales and service of LED display. The main products are: LED floor tile screen, energy-saving LED display. Screen, LED advertising mirror screen, logo display, outdoor energy-saving LED display, and other LED display products.



 Shenzhen Cheng Tong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was established in the industry-leading technical personnel cooperation enterprises, the company is located in Shenzhen Baoan District, with plant area of 3500 square meters, modern industry 3.0 full automation Dust-free Anti-Static workshop, the annual production volume of 50,000 square meters, the number of employees more than hundred people. The company has world-class technical research and development talent and the world's advanced production equipment, the comprehensive implementation of standardized management, product technology and quality in the domestic similar products in the forefront, but also in the global market enjoys a good reputation, especially the company's independent research and development design (patented products) outdoor energy-saving led Full-color display,


  than the conventional LED full-color display screen energy savings up to 60%, the product is also the company's flagship products.


  At present, the company developed and manufactured products are widely used in outdoor advertising media, cultural and recreational activities, stadiums, stage leasing, with Full-color display system advantages, from research and development design, production, installation to maintenance, the use of all-round integration solutions to effectively reduce the overall cost of customers, thereby creating higher value for customers. Over the past few years, Shenzhen Cheng Tong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. service team almost around the world, uphold the "professional, team, integrity, effectiveness, communication" business philosophy for the global customer to provide professional, intimate and thoughtful after-sales service. Now Shenzhen Cheng Tong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. has thousands of customers, Shenzhen Cheng Tong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. to reliable and unique products, quality, quality service and honesty and truth-seeking style, won acclaim from all walks of life, Shenzhen Cheng Tong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. has been fortunate to become China Optoelectronics Association of the council member units,


  By the Chinese Quality Brand statistics Center for "China's green Products" "quality, Service Integrity AAA Enterprise" "National Science and Technology Innovation Letter energy-saving products" and other honors.


  Product manufacturing--scientific and standard production management Shenzhen Cheng Tong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. to product quality for the enterprise life, from raw materials procurement to production, installation, testing, each step in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 international quality control process implementation, scientific management, excellence, products through the professional institutions of energy-saving, RoHS, CCC, CE, FCC,


  1400, 1800, IP67 dustproof waterproof test, sun glare test, high and low temperature test, heavy metal content testing and other quality certification, to ensure that every product factory is stable and reliable.


  Marketing System--meticulous marketing management


  Shenzhen Cheng Tong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Marketing system by the domestic Marketing center, International Marketing Center two parts, formed a sales, marketing, business, after-sale as the main body of the strong "customer-centric" service implementation team, the company's external propaganda slogan  "LED Display factory direct sales, after-sale protection, narrowing more than the distance!"


  Customer Service-Intimate full service Shenzhen Cheng Tong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. established a set of perfect customer service system, and by a strong, well-trained, skilled service team, responsible for the entire sales service. Pre-sales development of detailed product technical solutions, the sale of the display screen installation guidance and product training, after-sale product failure to provide warranty services and customer care.


  To meet customer needs in a timely and efficient manner. The company is committed to providing customers with 3 years of product quality warranty, and life-long maintenance, free training, installation drawings, and regular inspection of products sold; the company opened the "400-6611-669" National free Customer Service hotline, as long as a telephone, or an e-mail, Shenzhen Cheng Tong optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. Customer service team will be happy to provide you with rapid, professional services.


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