Chengtong Origin

Honesty is the key to success. Honesty is the key to success

Business Purpose

Improve product quality, provide customers with high quality services at the best price, focus on the appearance of the household with full-color energy-saving screen, create a world-class energy-saving screen manufacturer, and contribute to the world's environmental protection

Entrepreneurial Spirit

True and sincere, deep cultivation of the market, all out, applause, footprints verify the dream!


There is no such thing as a bad market, only a bad idea;

There are no bad employees, only bad leaders


Thanks to sincere communication, the world is more beautiful!

Our development philosophy

People oriented, have excellent staff, can provide customers with quality products and services, staff, customers, enterprises common development

The practice of virtue and continuous improvement of enterprise behavior from the perspective of customers

Technology dominates product innovation and value

Talent concept

Have the virtue to have talent, break through employment;

To cultivate talents with virtue and without talent;

Talents without virtue limit employment;

No virtue, no talent

The business goal

Become the leading brand in energy-saving LED display industry!

Corporate values

Honesty first, product quality first, customer service first