Company Registration time is October 2014. Shenzhen Cheng Tong Energy-saving display manufacturers in February 2015 28 formally established, the company has just begun with the LED display industry to follow the big environment, the industry in 2015, the price war, product quality is not protected, the company followed 4 months, the company's leaders found that if continue to follow is tantamount to digging a grave, So the company leaders decided to do the reverse thinking quality, so the company began in August 2015 to take high-quality routes and research and development of independent intellectual property rights of energy-saving screen, at the same time the company set up foreign Trade department to develop foreign markets, achieved fruitful results, take high-quality routes, to do high-quality products, Won the domestic and foreign customers and peer appreciation and peer emulation, following the 2016 company developed with independent intellectual property rights of two energy-saving products, as of October 2017, the company has developed a total of 6 independent intellectual property rights of efficient energy-saving products, Received the response from the relevant departments of the State and through the national certification bodies of the testing and large orders at home and abroad.