Testing indoor Full-color LED display quality

       Now indoor LED display color rich and diverse can present a more delicate picture texture, so it is widely used in indoor meetings, wedding ceremony market. With the development of the market fast purchase LED display is more and more people, buy indoor full-color LED display of friends in the selection of the L screen will inevitably encounter some problems. Today, Shenzhen LED display manufacturers Cheng photoelectric small series to explain to us about the quality of LED display screen: &NB



First, look at the surface smoothness of the surface of the screen determines the color LED Display screen display quality, if the screen surface roughness will produce local convex or concave situation, resulting in the picture angle of view and thus affect the perception, screen flatness to a large extent determines the color LED display quality; Second, to see if there is no mosaic color LED display color is composed of a number of color pixels, if the display on the screen often bright or black small square block is a sign of this part of the module necrosis, which is due to the display of the poor quality of the plug so easy to damage caused.

Before purchasing a professional color LED display, if you want to see its quality, you can observe whether there is a mosaic point on the screen plane. Third, look at the measurement and perspective since color LED displays are usually used outdoors, therefore, if the exposure of intense light may cause the screen can not see clearly, the size of the brightness is determined by the LED tube, high-quality color LED display is usually higher brightness and visual angle is broader, so the brightness and visual angle is also understand color LED display quality of a major factor.