Do you understand the working principle of LED display?


Full color LED large screen is a combination of many devices, it is not only a simple display, but also has electronic control unit, mechanics, structure, computer integration, distribution systems and other integrated body.

Full color LED large screen working principle is actually very simple, by the computer to provide signals, through the video processor will send the card signal to the network cable or fiber transmission to the full color led large screen each unit of the receiving card, and then through the integration of the receiving card to play out the image in order, the following Cheng Tong photoelectric small set to the vast number of users explained.



With the full color led large screen gradually popular, graphic type Full-color led large screen what are the common characteristics of the internal structure is how to install it, presumably everyone is interested in these.

Understand the common graphics and text Full-color led large screen structure, not only can help you better choice of products, but also in the use, maintenance, there will be a positive role in promoting.

1. How to work the graphic screen Then how the screen is luminous, in the internal control system, intelligent display Unit is part of Full-color led large screen parts, can play a control of the entire unit brightness and contrast.

The caption, is in the computer control terminal to realize, through the power control, will have compiled the subtitle, picture and text information to reorganize, thus realizes the information and the caption synchronization transmission.

2, full color led large screen composition First of all, graphic type Full-color led large screen, is made up of full-color led large screen body, computer, controller, dot matrix display unit and power system composition. The structure of the screen body, using 8x8 monochrome or Two-color display unit splicing. Internal components luminous brightness more balanced, product use range is also more extensive.

These superior features are enough to become one of the most characteristic and development display products.

3, other control unit In addition, in use, graphics and text Full-color led large screen, but also related to product stability control system, waterproof coating, cooling control fan, etc., these are also to ensure full color led large screen stable use of the premise, can be conducive to the stability of led large screen work, at the same time, encountered a variety

To ensure that the graphic full-color led large screen is not subject to external interference. Summary: In the choice of graphic Full-color LED display should also pay attention to product parameter configuration, suitable for use in which areas, for the needs of the environment, graphic full-color led large screen or have a certain requirements, such as banks, shopping malls and other products for the corporate image of the full color, you can use Low-cost φ3.75mm dual-color electronic screen.

You can use the p3mm full-color display if you want the display to be good.