Shenzhen LED display enterprise brand marketing "positive energy" wins at the starting point


It is not easy to build a corporate brand on the Internet. Many enterprises burn a lot of RMB but sink into the sea. It will never return.

So the core principles of brand marketing have been substantially different from the past.

Once the main direction of our strategy is based on market share as a benchmark, creating unique brand, to create unique value system, and now more should pay attention to is: "requirements, experience, customer satisfaction," the Internet is whatever you do any brand, adhere to the three points to enlarge, brand marketing successful dawn will or have a period!

  企业品牌营销“正能量” 赢在起点


The above enterprise brand marketing needs to pay attention to three key points: "demand, experience, user satisfaction", which involves a wide range of industries and industries, and is effective, applicable and feasible for most industries and enterprises.

(except, of course, for companies like apple).

Next, I would like to elaborate on the LED enterprise if these three points are done well.

When it comes to demand, as the name implies, it refers to the product, material or service that the customer needs. However, people may think quite simply that there is another layer of psychological demand in the concept of brand marketing.

For example, "xiao zhang needs to buy a mobile phone, but he doesn't know what brand to buy. He is worried about the after-sale service and is confused about what brand to buy".

Xiao zhang wants to buy a mobile phone, which is a demand, but he is worried about what brand?

What about after-sales service?

That's his psychological need.

If you want to let the customer put aside psychological needs to solve this problem, otherwise it will have no effect. Even if the price of the product can be surprisingly low, xiaozhang will not go back to buy, Ps: "the premise of price war is to be assured".

Then again, how do we do the demand right now?

Actually very simple, I do Internet marketing has the only adhering to the sentence is: "want to users, the user wishes", their demand is I to provide, they don't need I don't have any value, provide out is a waste of my time cost and manpower cost, the so-called do not please painfully, go looking for trouble, why?

The "experience" of LED display brand marketing, when it comes to experience, requires a certain amount of data to be analyzed (especially scientific and reliable data).

But the friend who saw this article may be planning a certain brand, a project operation, so what should the premise do?

Either way, you can ask your peers for some data and systematically analyze user behavior. Of course, no one will give you that data.

Therefore, only the staff with some experience can be hired to complete the previous layout and positioning through his experience.

In the later stage, on the basis of meeting the needs of users, existing data should be analyzed to maximize the products with high user attention. Products with little or no user attention can be considered as unnecessary.

This article is about the core idea and behavioral framework of brand marketing nowadays.

In fact, in other words, there is only one way to increase the degree of user experience. Besides, there is no shortcut to improve the user experience.

If you are doing brand marketing online, you can use Google stats to do behavioral analysis, or you can look at PV and UV to see the overall experience of today's websites.

Of course, online marketing means like microblog marketing, advertorial marketing, integrated marketing and so on are all indispensable links. The proportion distribution of each marketing means should be specifically analyzed by professionals according to the product and user behavior and needs after data analysis.

The "user satisfaction" of LED display brand marketing is an important link to maximize the brand.

So what does user satisfaction include?

Services, word of mouth, product prices, after-sales problems, execution, etc., are reflected in a variety of aspects. In a word, we cannot satisfy 100% of the users, but the team must seriously implement every link by meeting 100% of the users as much as possible.

If the service is not in place, there will be no repeat customers, not to mention the reputation behind it.

Having a service without word of mouth is certainly a part of the process except the problem, and the solution is to use elimination and user satisfaction surveys to find the problem.

It is impossible to estimate the value of word-of-mouth advertising among customers.

The price of the product is not necessarily the lowest in the industry, but it must meet the market demand and meet the tolerance range of the product user group (LED display with high price ratio). Otherwise, the high-price product can only be sold to the second generation.

After-sales problems have been a lot of boss and I chat when it is very distressed.

A boss and I said: after-sales service outlets are in a certain place to do a non-return work, we also want to do well, but no longer visible to the management of our enterprise, but more widely distributed, for those who deal with after-sales, tiangao emperor far away, we say one is one, really difficult to achieve position.

The problem is not difficulty, but fear of difficulty.

It's important to know it's hard to do.

There is no specific solution, but just blindly let its vicious development, eventually loyal users so lost, even hate on the brand, who is the loss?

Building an LED display brand is completely different from building an LED display project. There is only one brand, but there can be many projects under this brand, such as CREE and Japan. Are these social elites only making LED beads?

Without grasping user demand, user experience, user satisfaction CREE, Japan Asia will not achieve today's excellent results!