Beautiful and picturesque full-color indoor l energy-saving display



Full color energy-saving display screen in enterprise conference room

Screen models: p4 indoor full color led display screen screen area: energy saving 30 ㎡ installation time: August 2017 description: to enhance the corporate image, many companies are now equipped with led display screen to promote energy conservation and environmental protection company.

In particular, the high-end business building in the lobby, the conference room, the entrance is equipped with led electronic energy-saving screen.

The p4 full-color led energy-saving display screen in the photoelectric room of chengtong has;

Installation is convenient and reliable: it provides the choice of hoisting and stacking installation.

Small modular design, product lightweight, quick installation and disassembly.

Multiple measures ensure the reliability and safety of the box installation.

Maintenance convenience: product design follows the concept of simple maintenance, adopts modularization, redundancy design, and facilitates product maintenance.

Visual Angle: a wide visual range that gives your screen a wider optimum viewing area.

A number of measures to ensure the uniform brightness: led lights and chip selection has strict quality control, colleagues can be equipped with light color correction, to ensure the product brightness, color uniformity, to show you the perfect picture.

The display is adjustable: the display brightness can be adjusted according to the change of ambient light to ensure the best viewing comfort of human eyes, and at the same time, the effect of energy saving and environmental protection can be achieved.

Stable and reliable operation: adopting internationally advanced heat dissipation technology, ensuring the display screen to work within a constant temperature range;

Select high quality power supply to further ensure long and stable operation of the display screen.