How to achieve true energy saving?


Energy saving means to reduce energy consumption as much as possible and produce products of the same quantity and quality as before.

Or the same amount of energy is used to produce more or equal quality products.



How to achieve energy saving in shenzhen LED display?

In order to reduce the power of LED display, we need to solve the following problems: 1. The working voltage of LED lamp is very low, which is usually 2-3.4v dc. Then the switching power supply is needed to convert the high voltage alternating current of municipal power.

2. The working voltage of common LED display module is normally 5V dc while the working voltage of LED is 2-3.4v.

3. How to improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of LED to reduce the driving current and ultimately save power while ensuring the brightness of the display;

How to use the luminance of the display screen correctly so that the luminance can be changed with the environment to save power.

In view of the above problems, chengtong optoelectronics gives some Suggestions: 1. Adopt high-efficiency LED, and the luminous chip does not cut corners; 2.

2. Adopt efficient switching power supply, greatly improving the power conversion efficiency;

3. Carry out excellent panel cooling design to reduce the power consumption of fans;

4. Design scientific integrated circuit scheme to reduce power consumption of internal circuit;

5. Adjust the brightness of outdoor LED display automatically according to the change of external environment.

Reasonable electricity consumption, saving electricity and converting some waste energy into electricity have become the top priority in energy conservation and emission reduction.

Power saving: many factories use traditional display screens, and the serious energy consumption phenomenon, the power saving rate is generally over 40% when the normal production is not affected after the professional energy saving renovation, which will be a huge energy wealth for many factories and enterprises in the country.