What are the common LED display technology problems?


1: What is a table mount module? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The table pastes also called SMT, will the SMT package the lamp through the welding craft welding in the PCB board's surface, the lamp foot does not have to pass through the PCB board, by this craft makes the module called the table pastes the module;

The advantages are: large viewing angle, soft display image, large pixel density, suitable for indoor viewing;

The disadvantage is that the brightness is not high enough, the tube itself is not good enough heat.

2: What is 3-1? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Refers to the R, G, b three different colors of the LED chip encapsulated in the same colloid;

The advantages are: simple production, good display effect;

The disadvantage is: separation of light separations difficult, high cost.

3: What is double color, pseudo color, full-color display?

Through the different colors of light-emitting diodes can be composed of different display, double color is composed of red, green or yellow and green color, false color is made up of red, yellow green, blue three different color composition, full color is made up of red, pure green, blue three different colors;

4: What is luminous brightness?

LED display unit area of light intensity, Unit is cd/㎡, simply said that is a square meter of light intensity emitted by the display.

5: What is the brightness level?

The whole screen brightness between the lowest to the highest brightness of the manual or automatic adjustment of the series.

6: What is the grayscale level?

In the same brightness level, the display screen from the darkest to the brightest of the technical processing series.

7: What is the maximum brightness?

Under a certain ambient illumination, the LED display's base color is at maximum brightness and maximum gray level.

8: What is PCB?

PCB is a printed circuit board (abbreviated printed circuit board).

10: What is white balance? What is white balance adjustment?

We mean the white balance, that is, the balance of the white, that is, R, G, b Three colors of brightness 3:6:1 proportion of the balance.

R, G, b Three colors of the brightness ratio and the adjustment of white coordinates, called white balance adjustment.

11: What is contrast?

The ratio of the maximum brightness and background brightness of the LED display under a certain ambient illumination.

12: What is the color temperature?

The color of the light emitted by the light is the same as that of the blackbody at a certain temperature. At the same time, the blackbody temperature is called the light temperature, usually 2000k to 5000K, that is, the color is white with yellow gradually to white.

13: What is the frame-changing frequency?

The number of display screen information updated in the unit time.

14: What is the refresh rate? The refresh rate is the speed at which the screen refreshes. The lower the refresh frequency, the more the image flicker and jitter, the faster the eye fatigue, sometimes cause eye ache.

The greater the refresh frequency, the less damage to the eye, the general Ledx screen refresh rate of 120HZ.

15: What is Perspective? What is perspective? What is the best angle of view? The angle of view is the angle in which the brightness of the direction of observation is reduced to 1/2 of the brightness in the normal direction of the LED display, and the angles of two observed directions of the same plane to the normal direction.

Divided into horizontal and vertical perspective;

The angle of view is just to see the direction of the image content on the display, and the angle of the normal of the display screen; The best view is to be able to fully see the contents of the display screen, and not biased color, the most clear direction of the image content and the angle of the normal.