Why Full color LED display is always tripping the original ?



What is the reason for the frequent tripping of LED display? The following is a simple analysis of the frequent tripping of LED display screens.


  The reasons for the frequent trip of LED display are summarized as follows:


  One, leakage protection device layout unreasonable cause of trip Because the full color LED Display screen installation site has the particularity, such as wiring error, line breakage, the leakage protector inside the switch box damage, some of the electrical appliances did not go through the switch box and other reasons, as well as the leakage protector itself inevitable misoperation and rejection, resulting in the total leakage protector frequent trip.


  Besides strengthening management, it is necessary to arrange the leakage protector rationally according to the actual situation.


  Why is the LED display always tripping?


  Second, the leakage protection device selection is unreasonable Leakage Protector selection of unreasonable, may also lead to its empty trip.


  The rated leakage action current in the switch box is more than 30mA or is more than twice times of the rated current of the electrical equipment leakage protector, easy to cause trip.


  Third, LED display no effective level two or three leakage protection In the switch box, the last stage leakage protector is not installed, damaged or improperly chosen, which may lead to frequent tripping of the superior leakage protector.


  As a result of Full-color LED display a lot of metal conductor, wire connectors More, if the wire insulation is not very good, will lead to frequent leakage of the situation, and some also added some sockets, in many cases do not install leakage protector, often caused by leakage.


  Four, full color LED display screen leakage protector in the rated leakage action current and rated leakage action current between a period of uncertainty, leakage current protector in this area fluctuations, may lead to leakage protector irregular trip. Cheng Tong Photoelectric high-end LED display, fully sealed the design so that the screen body can be directly soaked in the water, still can be normal use, unique dedicated stent design, so that the display has been very good heat dissipation, so no need to install air-conditioning. In a word, the frequent tripping of the leakage protector is the result of the comprehensive action of various factors, the most important thing is to rationally decorate the leakage protector, reduce the protection range of the second or three level leakage protector, choose the leakage protector and wiring correctly, make the leakage protector of two or three in each range be in effective protection state On the other hand is to strengthen the power management and through training to improve the quality of electrical personnel, to eliminate the non-electrical wiring, so you can not only improve the safety of electricity, but also reduce the frequent trip leakage protector, LED display of the normal work to create a better supply conditions.