Shenzhen Cheng Tong photoelectric indoor p2.0 full color LED display screen Ten design

  This article is about the indoor Full-color LED display has been successfully applied in Shenzhen Xindu Hotel Emerald Pearl Ballroom Bar display, composed of a refreshing, visually stunning strong indoor display wall. The actual application of the project has reached the customer's request--novel, environmental protection, colorful change, reflect the characteristics of high-grade disco bar. Full Color indoor screen solution is based on Light-emitting diode LED application and control technology, it is because the LED has incomparable advantages of other light sources. LED (Light-emitting-diode) is a semiconductor capable of converting electrical energy into visible light. Its characteristics are as follows:


  One, high efficiency: In accordance with the usual definition of light, led light-emitting efficiency is not high (generally 10-30lm/w, currently known as the highest luminous efficiency of the orange-red LED light effect can reach 55lm/w), but because the spectrum of LED almost all concentrated in the visible light band, efficiency can reach 80-90%,    The light efficiency of the incandescent lamp is only 10-20%.    Second, the high quality of light: Because the spectrum does not have ultraviolet rays and infrared, so there is no heat, no radiation, led belongs to a typical green lighting source.    Third, the light color pure: and incandescent lamp full band spectrum is different, the typical led spectrum is narrow, emits the light very pure. Four, the energy consumption is small: the single led power generally in 0.05-1w, through the cluster way may tailor to meet the different needs, the waste is very few.    In particular, the need for color light, the use of white color filtered through the way of the great trouble and waste of energy, and led inherent color is unique. Five, long life: luminous flux attenuation to 70% of the nominal life of 100,000 hours.    Virtually limitless.    Six, reliable and durable: no tungsten, glass shells and so on easily damaged parts, the possibility of abnormal scrap is very small, maintenance costs are extremely low.    Seven, the application of flexible: small size, can be flat seal Zhuang easy to develop into thin and small products, to make points, lines, surface of various forms of specific application products.    VIII. Safety: The monomer working voltage is roughly between the 1.5v~5v and the working current between 20ma~70ma.    Short response time: suitable for frequent switching and high-frequency operation of the occasion.    Ten, green Environmental protection: waste can be recycled, no pollution, unlike fluorescent lamps contain mercury.? control flexibility: By adjusting the current can be adjusted to light, the combination of different light colors can be color, coupled with sequential control circuit can achieve a variety of dynamic change effect. These advantages make LED is considered an ideal green light source, it has been more and more successfully used in engineering lighting and display field. The application of semiconductor technology in urban nightscape lighting project and indoor decoration illumination and display project, gives people a new feeling: for example, in color performance, lighting control ability, environmental protection and energy saving and other links, than the traditional neon, incandescent, halogen tungsten lamps have advantages. Shenzhen Xindu Hotel Emerald Pearl Ballroom disco bar indoor color display curtain wall project combined with the application of LED lighting technology and display technology, with the "light bulb" pixel combination to construct dynamic and changeable display wall.