Cheng Tong Photoelectric | Indoor P3.91 Full Color HD LED energy-saving display

诚通光电| 室内P3.91 全彩高清LED节能显示屏

  • Product advantages:
1, ultra-thin: single box 6.5-10KG, 70-100mm thick;
2, high refresh rate: can ensure high-definition camera and camera capture high-definition fine display;
3, low light High gray performance: In the case of low brightness, the display gray level is uniform and the display consistency is good;
4. High contrast: the surface is not reflective, the viewing angle is large, and the display effect is good;
5. The high uniformity of brightness and color: using high quality Select the same batch of light-emitting devices to ensure high uniformity;
6. Adopt advanced blanking scheme: completely eliminate dark and ghost phenomenon;
7. High reliability and long life: use straight-in adapter plate design to simplify the box In-vivo connection, effectively reduce connection problems and reduce signal attenuation and interference. High-quality light-emitting devices ensure high reliability and long life.
8. Seamless and quick splicing, simple maintenance and repair: The locking structure makes the splicing operation simple and convenient. Tools;
9, no noise: silent design, free of air conditioning, fan-free installation, put an end to Tone, reducing power consumption, energy saving;