What is the LED mirror screen? Do you understand?

With the development of advertising media, commercial economy is becoming more and more prosperous, advertising machines such as Chunsun appear in the eyes of people. LED display field of small spacing technology is more and more mature, the original advertising machine market mainly LCD LCD screen, but with the birth of small LED display screen, breaking the LED display only suitable for distance viewing barriers, coupled with the recent years LED display cost reduction brings obvious price advantages, and LED display color rich gorgeous, at present, led "mirror screen" is rapidly entering the commercial market and replace some LCD advertising machine, become a magic weapon to create a perfect shopping environment, but also open up the LED display in the era of business market, the new advertising machine-"LED mirror Screen" is born.



At present, Cheng-photoelectric has introduced a new generation of energy-saving mirror screen, welcome customers to consult.

is a new type of fashion consumer dynamic advertising information release media, users can achieve centralized control, predetermined management and multimedia content transmission through 3G and WiFi unlimited functions, and can also display a beautiful dynamic graphics and text in the high refresh frequency of the control system, bringing a novel visual experience.

LED Mirror Advertising Screen Advantage

1. Thin screen body, front maintenance, design on the appearance of high-end atmosphere, fashionable and flexible installation, can meet a variety of application scenarios installation needs. 2. The system uses 0 set design, simple and convenient operation, advertising plug and Play, but also through the mobile phone app intelligent remote monitoring management, so that everything in the grasp.

LED "Mirror Screen" can be arbitrary splicing, so it compared to the traditional LCD, DLP, the area is larger, a broader perspective, and therefore more eye-catching, visual impact is also stronger.

3. In a static state, the requirements of color, clarity than the dynamic video performance more obvious, the viewer in the static state of view more detailed, in the processing of close range of ink color, Ripple has its superb place. 4. The stability, can let the static picture control in a few seconds to beat, does not appear when fast slow phenomenon.

Also in the control management system, information dissemination and other aspects of stability.

LED Mirror screen Application field Retail is led mirror advertising screen, one of the most important application territory, in addition to indoor retail, LED mirror screen in the field of outdoor advertising application is also developing rapidly, whether people are waiting for the traffic green, perhaps in Gu looking for a favorite clothing store, or in a stroll to pass the time,

LED mirror Advertising screen can successfully traction everyone's eyes.

Other areas such as shopping malls, catering industry, product launches, weddings, hotels, airports, luxury shops, chain stores, reception halls, mobile screens, real-time video, catering industry, reception hall, product launches, mobile screens, chain stores and other places, is also very suitable for the use of LED mirror screen. And with the progress of science and technology, LED display factory according to product performance, function and so on continuously deep into the field of subdivision, HD intelligent, open-hole 3D, AR Human-computer interaction, VR virtual "fitting" and other technologies are constantly applied to LED mirror screen products.