Can Shenzhen indoor LED display control software be universal?

Display control software mainly has wireless LED display system control software, wireless LED display assistant software, wireless LED display test software, wireless LED display software and so on. So in Chengdu LED display manufacturers eyes, LED display control software is not universal?


1, Wireless LED display control system software, most of them are not universal.

This is because this kind of software mainly works with the hardware system, for different hardware interface is also different, so basically no general software, such software is mainly provided by hardware system. 2, Wireless LED display auxiliary software, general and not universal have, also depending on the specific software.

The main practical applications, such as independent research and development of the advertising system, content display software. 3, Wireless LED display test software, general and not universal have, depending on the specific software.

There are parts of the test software that are compatible with different interfaces, while others are specifically provided for a product. 4, outdoor wireless LED display software, most of the general. Demo software is usually analog to the various display effects of a wireless LED display, and does not rely on a particular kind of hardware.