Is the LED display radiation large?


 A friend asked me that he was working at the back of a wall as big as the LED display, a little more than a meter from the screen, he has been working in the bar of this Hall for more than a year, and today suddenly found that the leaves of two pots of plants under the screen have been turned yellow zoom, friends are panicking,

Ask the LED display of radiation damage to the human body how much. Yes, all objects have radiation.

?? Radiation generally refers to the continuous outward emission of electromagnetic waves from a given wave. For example: Light radiation, X?? Radiation and so on.

The liquid crystal display also wants to emit light, but the light wave is one kind of electromagnetic wave, the natural radiation.

LCD screen is not 0 radiation?? LEDs can't do "0 damage" to our eyes. Although the radiation damage alone, it is true that the LED screen does not like CRT screen has so strong radiation damage, but it can only be said to be "low radiation" rather than "0 radiation." Moreover, some of the inferior quality of the LED will produce strong electromagnetic waves.

The study noted that long-term exposure to electromagnetic waves in the environment will cause nerve and allergy to the users of some symptoms, known as "electromagnetic allergy." I hope that the Shenzhen LED display manufacturers answer to your help!