What are the advantages of high-end LED rental screen?

 2016-2017 LED rental screen development, even the industry standards have not been up to speed. But in many LED display manufacturers, can do well and large enterprises are very few. High-end led rental screen to achieve the "beautiful appearance, lightweight installation and portable, stable and reliable quality", as the LED rental screen manufacturers must have a set of perfect quality standards and research and development programs.


  Wide viewing angle, high contrast, seamless stitching, high quality



A good LED rental screen not only has the "beautiful appearance, easy to install lightweight portable, stable and reliable quality", but also should have a wide perspective, high contrast, seamless stitching, high-definition and other characteristics.

Can be quickly installed

A good LED rental screen must first have a light, thin, fast installation and the appearance of novelty and other characteristics; The rapid installation mainly in the connection mode, the specific use of workers to measure the speed of installation, that is, a worker can be installed in one minute area.

To have a brand advantage, cost-effective advantage

For high-end leasing market, led rental screen needs to have the characteristics: good quality, stable performance, process control in place, at the same time to have a brand advantage, to the low-end market, cost-effective to high.

Post-maintenance should be easy Due to the frequent disassembly of leasing products, more easily damaged, so the research and development personnel in the design of products need to fully understand customer needs, and repeatedly simulate the use of customer site, and then design to consider how to reduce the product damage caused by disassembly and repair after the damage of the convenience of the problem. In addition, there are bright colors.

such as color saturation, contrast, refresh rate, and so on, this requires a good choice of raw materials and configuration.

Easy to install, can innovate according to customer The use of the rental screen has decided that it should have a "beautiful appearance, easy to install and portable, stable and reliable quality," these characteristics, especially installation problems, they face a long time to use.

Another is innovation, in the face of new rental market demand, to have a unique innovation. Overall, a good led rental screen needs to be "beautiful appearance, easy to install and portable, stable and reliable quality."

In addition, it is easy to install, easy to maintain, can be based on customer demand for innovative features.