Shenzhen 40 Anniversary

  Recently, the lighting performance debugging in the central area of Shenzhen Futian District attracted many citizens and friends to watch, so that the Lotus Hill and the Civic Center are crowded with people, comparable to the “Spring Festival Scene”, and the pictures and videos related to the “40th Anniversary Light Show of Reform and Opening up” The circle of friends in Shenzhen and even the whole country has been smashed, causing major media to report. It can be seen from the video from the circle of friends that the light show is truly beautiful, showing the beauty of the technology of this modern city in all directions. However, in addition to sighing the beauty of the lights, the large-scale and exquisite LED display on all major buildings The screen is even more igniting the unlimited business opportunities in the eyes of LED displays.


  Major cities exerting landscape lighting, is expected to develop a new blue ocean


  This year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, 40 years of spring rain, 40 years of shoal, 40 years, Shenzhen from a border agricultural county, quickly emerged as a modern metropolis, creating a world-famous miracle. On June 29th, in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen's reform and opening up and to present the 97th anniversary of the founding of the party, the dynamic lighting of the building in the central area of Futian District staged a light show to demonstrate the brilliant development of Shenzhen.


  Shenzhen 40th Anniversary Light Show 1


  Under the unified deployment of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, as of April 30, within two months, completed the building of 304 buildings along the Shennan Avenue, 21 bridges, 25.6 km of street trees and 6.6 km of the west section of Shenzhen Bay. A colorful night view of the promenade. During the performance, the large-area LED display on the 35 buildings in the central area cooperated with the green lights of the five squares to form a scene linkage effect, and surrounded the four themes of the city of mountains and seas, the window of reform, the city of innovation, and the harmonious environment. Complete an animation, telling the glorious course of Shenzhen's development, and presenting the face of Shenzhen, full of technology and vitality in the new era.


  From "Most Reminiscence is Hangzhou"-G20 Hangzhou Lili Night Scenery Summit Highlights, set off a new trend of urban landscape lighting, and the performance of the fireworks art performance at the Qingdao Summit will attract global guests, and now celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. The lighting show in Shenzhen shines across the country. The dozens of local governments, including Guangzhou and Xiamen, have gradually felt the prominent role brought about by the city's lighting. In order to promote urbanization, they have begun to vigorously carry out urban landscape lighting projects to create the city's first Three new business cards. This also brings huge business opportunities to the LED display market, which plays an important role in urban lighting projects, and is expected to become one of the main battlefields of LED displays.


  Demand and profit go hand in hand, put forward higher requirements for LED screen enterprises


  Undoubtedly, landscape lighting has brought considerable industrial value to the LED display industry. Today, the beauty of high-rise buildings can no longer meet the needs of urban landscapes, and create a nightscape design that is bustling in the city and tells the story of the city. The more it became the pursuit of international advanced cities. At the same time, urban lighting is no longer limited to "lighting", outdoor creative display, lighting, etc. are included, especially the lighting of the exterior walls of the building, so that the LED transparent screen, grille screen immediately become hot, These have brought more opportunities to the LED display industry market expansion. According to statistics, the 2017 China landscape lighting market reached 68 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22%. It is expected to reach 78 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 15%. The future market is not limited.


  Shenzhen 40th Anniversary Light Show 2


  In addition, in addition to the huge market demand, the landscape lighting market is very profitable. This is mainly reflected in two aspects. First, the market is plentiful, the market supply is sufficient, the enterprise takes the initiative, and there is a large bargaining power. Second, landscape lighting is a systematic project. The overall solution of the enterprise can maximize the profit in the project, which increases the profit point of the enterprise and brings huge economic benefits to the LED display enterprise. Faced with such "tempting" application areas, the leading enterprises in the industry have begun to deploy the landscape lighting market. From the financial statements of major companies in the first quarter, they can understand that they have seized the opportunity from the huge blue ocean. Get a slice of the market.

  Of course, as the government gradually dominates the downstream market of urban landscape lighting, the scale of individual projects is gradually expanding, and the threshold of the industry is increasing. The company has put forward more aspects in terms of overall project design capability, corporate operating capital, brand awareness, and overall control capability. High requirements. Especially in recent years, although the quality of industrial LED display products has improved as a whole, engineering accidents still occur from time to time, and most of the urban landscape lighting projects are installed at outdoor heights, whether from the safety of the people or the cost of the project. The risks are relatively high, so the quality of the products and engineering safety, LED screen enterprises must be highly valued, must control the quality of products, engineering, and improve the after-sales service, and strive to improve their level of after-sales service.


  It is reported that Shenzhen will complete the construction of landscape lighting project of Houhai Center (Shenzhen Bay Plaza) and some projects in other districts before the end of August. The relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau said that the light show of key scenic spots will bloom in the normalized mode. Light and electricity interact with each other to make Shenzhen an unparalleled capital of charm. At the same time, I believe that more cities will invest more in landscape lighting in the future, bringing unlimited business opportunities to LED display manufacturers.


 Article source: HC LED screen