P2.59 mirror poster

  • NAME:P2.59 mirror poster
  • SORT:Indoor regular size led screen

LED mirror screen, commonly known as the "static screen", is evolved from advertising machines, but also belongs to a small space of LED display products in a subdivision field. LED mirror screen is a static picture in the form of time switching, is a sub


• product advantages:

1, ultra-thin: single box 6.5-10KG, 70-100mm thick;

2, ultra-high refresh rate: can ensure that high-definition cameras and cameras can capture high-definition delicate display when shooting;

3, low brightness and high gray performance: in the case of low brightness, the display gray level is uniform, the display consistency is good;

4, high contrast: the surface is not reflective, large viewing angle, display effect is good;

5, high uniformity of brightness and color: the same batch of light-emitting devices are selected with high quality to ensure high uniformity;

6. Adopt advanced blanking scheme: completely eliminate the phenomenon of darkness and ghosting;

7. High reliability and long life: It adopts the design of in-line adapter board to simplify the connection in the cabinet, effectively reduce the connection problem and reduce signal attenuation and interference. High-quality light-emitting devices ensure high reliability and long life;

8, seamless and fast splicing, simple maintenance and repair: the use of the lock structure makes the splicing operation simple and convenient without tools;

9, no noise: quiet design, free air conditioning, fan-free installation, eliminate noise, reduce power consumption, save energy and energy;


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