P2.5-32S indoor led screen

  • NAME:P2.5-32S indoor led screen
  • SORT:Indoor regular size led screen

Indoor LED display product introduction: At present, the main application fields of indoor full color are: indoor control room, large conference center, security monitoring, production emergency command, large-scale performance, competition, background wa

Indoor P2.5-32S smd full color:


The main application fields of indoor full-color LED display provided by Shenzhen Chengtong LED display manufacturers are: indoor control room, large conference center, security monitoring, production emergency command, large-scale performance, competition, background wall of broadcasting industry,

Indoor LED display screens are widely used in: hotel field, financial field, cultural and entertainment field, sports field, transportation field, special place field, theme park field, mobile application field, military field, video conference field.

High resolution: 160,000 pixels per square, excellent viewing performance at a visual distance of 2.5 to 50 meters from the screen, to a certain extent comparable to LCD.

Long life: Selecting the light-emitting components of the wafer chip Guoxing package as the core material of the display, which fundamentally guarantees the service life of the product.

Wide viewing angle: The wide viewing angle of 145° is highly consistent with each tube, allowing you to achieve the same top quality at any angle in this range.

Stable performance: the unique treatment of the display's anti-electromagnetic wave, which is also an important technology that Chengtong display has been stable to other display screens.

Nonlinear correction technology: the image is clearer and the layering is stronger. Exclusive technology with blanking function,

Seamless splicing: The kit design controls the splicing error between the modules within plus or minus 0.1mm, which is easy to install and can be made into any shape according to the user's needs.



P2.5-32S indoor LED display main technical parameters (die-cast aluminum)

Physical point spacing 2.5㎜

module size160X160㎜

cabinet size 480×480(mm)

Physical density 160000点/㎡

Glow point colo 1R1G1B

module resolution 64*64=4096 DOTS

module weight0.24kg

cabinet resolution 256*256

cabinet size 0.4096m2

The main technical parameters

best view distance 2.5m~50m

Horizontal viewing angle≧145°Optional


Average power consumption<650W/㎡

Maximum power consumption<1400w/㎡

Control method: synchronous control

Display card DVI graphics card

Drive mode 1/32 scan

Change frequency ≧60Hz

Refresh rate≧3840Hz

White balance brightness ≧1200cd/㎡

Working voltage (AC)

Brightness adjustment method

Brightness sensing automatic adjustment

16 levels adjustable

Software manual adjustment: 100 adjustable 100

Computer operating system


Video signal


Control System

PCTV card (optional optional) + DVI graphics card + main control card + fiber transmission (optional optional)


life 75000~100000hours

Pixel out of control rate  <0.0002pcs

Types of section PH2.5-32S

Package form 3 in 1

LED Package method 1515

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