P10 interactive-touchingresponse dancing floor led screen

  • NAME:P10 interactive-touchingresponse dancing floor led screen
  • SORT:Dancing floor led screen

As a new type of stage display equipment, the intelligent LED floor tile screen is widely used in hotel-bar-wedding-large concert event theme park. The LED floor tile screen adopts high-quality imported SMD3535 super bright semiconductor light-emitting di

As a new type of stage display equipment, the intelligent LED floor tile screen is widely used in the hotel-bar-wedding-large-scale concert theme park. The LED floor tile screen uses high-quality imported SMD3535 ultra-bright semiconductor light-emitting diode as the light source. Its appearance is exquisite and high-grade, scientific design, high-quality aluminum alloy, high-grade electronic ceramics and other materials to do. Heat conduction, heat dissipation, with the new digital technology as the core, the use of micro-computer full digital processing, advanced circuit protection equipment, widely used in building, curtain wall, residential area, commercial plaza, high-grade office buildings, bridges, highways and other building lighting; human landscape, gardens, tourist attractions and other landscape lighting; KTV and other leisure clubs, product launches, T-stage walk shows. Stage performances, evening parties, concert decoration, advertising, media decoration and other commercial lighting brightening

1. LED floor tile color screen is a novel digital ground display equipment, using video synchronization control mode to achieve high-resolution soft color display effect, completed the perfect combination of stage virtual landscaping and performance interaction; it uses a high-strength tempered glass mask, solid die-casting aluminum alloy support device.

2. Load-bearing capacity of more than 1 ton, strong impact resistance, can be trampled directly; Fast demolition and assembly of modular design, excellent performance of the protection structure, seamless connection can be achieved, optional combination. This product is suitable for all kinds of performance stages, such as disco stage, T stage, concert stage and theater stage, etc.


Technical parameters of intelligent LED floor tile screen
Physical point spacing10㎜
module size 320X160㎜
cabinet size 640×640㎜
Physical density10000dots/㎡
Glow point color 1R1G1B
module resolution 32*16=512DOTS
module weight 0.67㎏
module resolution 64*64
cabinet size 0.4096m2

The main technical parameters
best view distance 10m~60m
Brightness adjustment method
Average power consumption<350W/㎡
Maximum power consumption<780w/㎡
Control method: synchronous control
isplay card DVI graphics card
Drive mode 1/4 scan
Change frequency ≧60Hz
Refresh rate≧960Hz
White balance brightness ≧6500cd/㎡
Working voltage (AC)
Brightness adjustment method
Brightness sensing automatic adjustment
16 levels adjustable
Software manual adjustment: 100 levels adjustable 100
Computer operating system
Video signal
Control System
PCTV card ( optional) + DVI graphics card + main control card + fiber transmission ( optional)
Mean time between failures ≧5000hours
life 75000~100000 hours
Pixel out of control rate  <0.0002pcs 
Types of section PH10-4S
Package form 3in 1
LED package method National Star 3535