Customer Service Department Profile: Shenzhen Cheng Tong optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., established in October 2014, is fully responsible for all the company LED display products pre-sale, sale, after-sales service. Customer Service Center has established a perfect service system, and by a strong, well-trained, technical excellent service team. Up to now, the Customer service Center employs more than 30 people, customer service center under the call center, to accept all kinds of customer problems and timely treatment.


  Customer Service Center is constantly improving the level of service and quality, the greatest degree of assurance to provide customers with strong material security.

  Service: Pre-sale: LED Display product Technical program formulation, site survey, project determination.


  Sales: Logistics and Transportation Guidance, guide display installation, product training after sale: Product failure warranty service, Customer care return visit service, remote phone support, customer complaint processing. 

  After-Sales service convention: 1: Courteous reception of every customer, patiently listen to the views of users, eliminate annoyance.

  2: Service personnel door-to-door service should be unified clothing, Dai cards, tool kits, civilized construction.

  3: The customer is strictly prohibited to obtain or receive any gift gratuity.

  4: Door-to-door service should be careful not to damage customer goods, after the service to check the trial.

  5: Service personnel repair work after completion to self-test, strict control, to ensure the quality of maintenance, in the quality of the warranty period, the normal operation of the customer and the normal maintenance of the quality problems arising from free repair.

  6: The on-site maintenance time is abundant, may give the customer to carry on two times the training, in order to satisfy the customer demand, enhances the customer satisfaction. 7: After the end of the service with the customer to make a formal farewell, and note the customer contact, and customers to maintain long-term contact.